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Instrumentation Software
Gen5 Software Gen5 Secure Software*
Software for the ELx808
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Designed by engineers focused on microplate instrument technology for microplate users, Gen5 works the way you do. Gen5 Secure Software is customized, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software for the ELx808 Incubating Microplate Reader. Gen5's contemporary interface provides easy access to all major functions of the software including reading parameters, plate layout, data reduction, on-line help wizards, tutorials and Associates of Cape Cod's endotoxin specific assay protocols.

Gen5 Software
#Gen5 Gen5 Secure Software. Compliant, Microplate Software; Data collection and analysis.
#5320500 Gen5 Installation Qualification Package. Packages include thorough procedures to allow a user to perform installation.
#PQPE Product qualification package, ELx808

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