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Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) Test

LAL Research

ACC offers a complete suite of reliable, easy to use research products. Developed for research purposes only, ACC's Research Products are designed to improve pyrogen testing while offering our high standard of effectiveness.

Glucatel Glucatel Kit
(1->3)--D-glucan Detection
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Product Description

The Glucatell assay kit is specific for (1->3)--D-glucan. The assay is based upon a modification of the Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) pathway. The Glucatell reagent is processed to eliminate Factor C, and is therefore specific for (1->3)--D-glucan. The reagent does not react to other polysaccharides, including beta-glucans with different glycosidic linkages.

Sample to Lysate Ratio

Kinetic assay: 25 L of sample or standard is mixed with 100 L of reagent in a microplate.

End-point assay: 50 L of sample is mixed with 50 L of reagent in a microplate.

Test Performance

Kinetic assay: The Glucatell/sample mixture is incubated at 37C 1C in a microplate reader equipped with a 405 nm filter and analyzed over time by a suitable software program.

End-point assay: The Glucatell/sample mixture is placed in a microplate heating block at 37C 1C for the recommended time period. 50 L each of the three diazo reagents are added to the mixture to stop the reaction, which is then read at 540-550 nm. Concentration of the samples is analyzed by a suitable software program.

Product Stability

Store all reagents at 2-8C in the dark. Reconstituted Glucatell reagent should be stored at 2-8C and used within 2 hours. Alternatively, reconstituted Glucatell reagent can be frozen at -20C for 20 days, thawed once and used. The diazo-reagents should be used the day they are prepared.

Product Packaging

The Glucatell kit is available as either an end-point or kinetic chromogenic assay for use in microplates. The kit contains the Glucatell reagent, a (1->3)--D-glucan standard, buffer, diazo reagents (end-point kit only), glucan-free water, and glucan-free microplates.

Product Applications
  • Analyzing final products for (1->3)--D-glucan
  • Investigating LAL Out of Specification results
  • Qualifying raw materials
  • Monitoring cellulosic filter extractables
  • Monitoring fungal fermentation processes
  • Analyzing fermentation and cell culture media
  • Monitoring airborne glucan burden

#GT002 Kinetic assays (110 tests)
#GT003 Diazo-reagents, End-Point assays (55 tests)
#GT004 Kinetic assays (55 tests)

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